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From 16-23 I was traveling the world, became my own boss, and achieved financial freedom. Well, the universe had something else in store for me. After being arrested many times and finally had to go to jail for a year. 

Once released, I was court-ordered to go to rehab and live at a halfway house for over a year. Talk about humbling! When I got out I had no car, no job, no friends, probation in 3 counties, with basically no future, but when I was in jail I read the book Think and Grow Rich. Jail was one of the best things that  happened to me.

That day I made a decision that would change the rest of my life. A decision that I would achieve time and financial freedom one way or another. I got a job at a Golds Gym and then doing so broke all the sales records and worked my way up to the boss, General Manager of the club. I felt on top of the world. I was “the boss” and in the sales industry. After 4 years I realized I was the job.

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Luc Longmire is a serial investor and entrepreneur that specializes in the crytpo, forex, and airbnb world with 6+ years experience.

He is a keynote speaker and has travelled  and spoken at over 33 countries. Over the past 6 years he has created handful of millionaires with over 100,000 students world wide.

It’s pretty crazy looking back from the life I have today from where I started as a young entrepreneur.

I got into hustling in the streets and making money in the wrong way. I became that street hustler but making multiple 6 figures the wrong way. I developed a business mindset with an entrepreneur, hustler work ethic. 

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I then prayed for a better opportunity and then came forex and network marketing. I said yes and took action. Three months after I started I went part-time and then a full year after I started to learn how to trade I fired my boss. I went all in and became a professional trader, investor and entrepreneur. Two years after I started, I retired my wife and moved to Miami.  I found exactly what I was looking for but even more. I gave back and served to help others achieve what I gained. I created my own trading app, my own trading course, and now have over 100,000 students worldwide. I’ve spoken in over 30 countries around the work and speak and teach financial freedom on a global scale. 

I found my purpose. I launched an Airbnb business as well went into the hedge fund space with helping people grow their income passive automated.Teaching the average person that they can have the life they truly desire.  

The question is… if you desire time and financial freedom, are you ready to take action?

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The average person doesn’t have $1,000 dollars to their name and stuck being broke in the vicious rat race of a job. My mission is to educate, empower, and enrich others on financial literacy to teach the tools and skills to become financially free. 

Get the tools to create passive income to make your money work for you.

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